A Silent Night

The cabin is cozy; a quiet room with gently snoring dogs on soft beds.

A warm blanket with a purring cat.

The fire glows brightly; dancing colors mesmerize and hypnotize.

A favorite comfy chair; dog eared book on the table.

All is warm and pleasant.

Steaming cup of tea warms the body and soul.

Tree lights softly wink in the branches. Magical. Enchanting.

Wandering mind recalls vivid scenes of Christmases past;

pine-scented memories of the perfect tree; lights and cherished ornaments sparkle;

mugs of creamy cocoa; floating marshmallows.

The homey smells of holiday baking and coffee.

Christmas carols on the record player.

Memories of laughter, anticipation; such hope on Christmas Eve… Light of the world; blessed hope; holy and sacred.

Cat stirs and stretches, fire pops and crackles busily.

Peaceful evening flows on, past and present thoughts mix and blend; drowsy.

The distinctive sound of falling snow on this silent night.


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